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Application FAQs

Site Support Notebook (PDF)

Where can I find World War I and America programming?

What can I use the stipend for?

The stipend may be used for program and educational materials related directly to this project. This can include honoraria, refreshment fees, publicity costs, and other related expenses. The programming stipend may be used to provide honoraria to scholars working on your program. Discuss your project with the scholars, including the work that you expect from them, and negotiate a fair rate. The stipend may not be used towards capital expenditures or costs funded by any federal appropriation.

What are the requirements for including veterans in programs?

The involvement of veterans and their families is central to World War I and America. Participating sites are strongly encouraged to actively engage with veterans and their families, both as participants in programming, and as audience members. Participating institutions are strongly encouraged to identify a Veteran Liaison who can assist with this outreach. Applicants will be selected in part by proposed plans to alert, invite, and involve veterans and their family members in programs.

Can I partner with organizations in my community to host programs?

Yes. One organization should serve as the applicant of record. A staff member from this organization will be responsible for serving as the main Project Coordinator for the project. The applicant of record will be responsible for submitting all reports.

Whom do I contact with questions about the application or the project?

For more information about the World War I and America project, please email Library of America at For more information about the application process, please email the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History at

For more information, please contact: