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Henry Cabot Lodge

May 12, 1850–November 9, 1924

Born in Boston, the son of a successful merchant. Graduated from Harvard in 1871. Married Anna Cabot Davis in 1871. Graduated from Harvard Law School in 1874; awarded a Ph.D. in history and government by Harvard in 1876. Wrote numerous historical works, including biographies of Alexander Hamilton (1882), Daniel Webster (1883), and George Washington (1888). Elected to the Massachusetts house of representatives as a Republican and served 1880–81. Served in Congress, 1887–93, and in the Senate from 1893 until his death. Chairman of the Senate Republican conference, 1918–24, and the Foreign Relations Committee, 1919–24. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"Our first ideal is our country, and we see her in the future, as in the past, giving service to all her people and to the world. Our ideal of the future is that she should continue to render that service of her own free will." from On the League of Nations (1919)

Winsor McCay, "If we were in the League of Nations," Uncle Sam watching wounded, crippled and dead soldiers come off ship. John Bull on the ship says, "Hi Sam! Send me over an new Army!" 1920. Image credit: (Library of Congress)

Image credit: Pirie MacDonald, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, 1916. (Library of Congress)

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